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Café Scientifique - It is Rocket Science!

21st February 2017

Café Scientifique - It is Rocket Science!

Café Scientifique - 'It is Rocket Science! A look at the challenges and technologies of satellites and space'

We are delighted to announce that Mike Lawton, CEO of Oxford Space Systems is coming to talk at our next Café Scientifique.

On earth, many engineering tasks are relatively straightforward challenges. However, many effects – some obvious and some not quite so obvious conspire to make space a uniquely challenging environment. Any design must survive significant vibration and extremes of temperature and radiation. Mike’s talk will look at some of these challenges as well explore what the next wave of satellite technology will look like in the so-called ‘NewSpace’ age. Mike will demonstrate some of the technologies and novel materials local space hardware company Oxford Space Systems is developing for the new space age.

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