Didcot First

About Us

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

"Didcot First is an independent, non-aligned organisation, committed to bringing together commerce, statutory bodies, voluntary agencies, and the general public for the specific purpose of ensuring that Didcot is a positive place to live, work and invest — and is promoted as such."

We believe our partnership is fairly unique — we differ from other Strategic Partnerships in that we have no political ambitions and no council involvement at any level. This allows us considerable flexibility in the way we approach the tasks we have set for ourselves and many other partnerships look to us as an example of good practice.

We pride ourselves in working with, and not for, the key decision makers in the area — often calling ourselves a 'spare pair of hands'. We are not a large organisation but we do have a large reach across the local area and work tirelessly to ensure that Didcot is seen and remembered for its positive attributes.

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