With concerns in our towns and cities about air quality, as well as the increasing threat of climate change – the shift away from diesel and petrol towards electric vehicles has started. Are they more environmentally friendly? Can our electricity system cope?  Find out the latest developments, and perhaps consider whether you are ready to go electric!



Working for University of Reading on a two year project with Marlow based electric car leasing and smart services company (http://www.drive-electric.co. uk), with the objective of creating business models for smart charging of electric cars. MSc in Renewable Energy, and previous experience developing solar projects.




Mike is owner and CEO of Drive Electric, the first company back in 2008 to lease a Tesla in the UK. Keen to ensure EVs were part of the solution rather than a hindrance to the electricity system, he’s played a key role in two pioneering EV projects with SSE Networks and Western Power Distribution, and has one of the UK’s first single phase Vehicle-to-Grid chargers.